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how to commission a drawing?

I open commissions 2 times a year. I'll always announce on my Twitter and Instagram about them. Last commissions were open on January/24. Next commissions will most likely open around July or August 2024.

what do I do when commissions open?

when commissions open I'll share a link on social medias, you fill the information requested and wait for me to email you back! there's a limit of 80 commissions everytime I open them.


$25 for profile and $30 for full body. There's a "cat combo" - if you get two or more drawings, there's a discount of 10%

when will commissions open again?

July or August 2024

do you draw other animals?

sure! I love to draw dogs, bunnies and hedgehogs!

is this the only account you own?

yes! poorlycatdraw is the only account I own. any other username is not me

still have questions about commissions?

let me know on my Twitter or Instagram!

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